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Motorhome - Shipping


We speak German and English.
Our clients come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, as well as the U.S. and Canada. Communication is not strictly in German, but also in English. French, Dutch and other languages can be translated via Google translation.


After gaining personal experience on a six-months trip with his own motor home across the U.S. and Canada, as well as six months across Australia, Detlef Heinemann founded Seabridge for Motorhomes in 1997.
Since then we have shipped more than 4,600 motorhomes from Europe to North America, South America, South Africa or Australia and back. Many clients proclaimed that it was the trip of a lifetime.

Is it worth it to take your own vehicle?

No rental motorhome can replace the comfort of one's own campervan that has been equipped to one's personal preferences. It's also hard to go along with the idea of paying rent, when one's own vehicle is parked at home.
A rental motorhome costs about €120 per day in the summer. The rental fee alone for a trip of two months duration would pay for shipping.

Vehicle transport

Roll on / Roll off is considered the safest and least expensive maritime transport. RO/RO vessels will only take rolling cargo that can be driven across a ramp into the ship's interior. Modern car carriers can transport up to 6,000 vehicles up to a height of 6m, width of 9m, length of 30m, and a weight of 300tons.


From Hamburg, Germany or Antwerp, Belgium to:
Canada: Halifax, Nova Scotia
USA: Baltimore, Maryland and Brunswick, Georgia and Los Angeles, CA.

Return trip from these ports to Europe (Antwerp or Hamburg)


The vessels leave port every week on the same weekday. Thus you can reserve your flight months in advance. Travel time is between two to three weeks. The shorted route takes 11 days from Antwerp to Halifax. The longest route takes 19 days from Hamburg to Baltimore.From the West Coast (Los Angeles) a ship leaves once a week for Europe.We can book flights (from Germany) for you and the hotel at your destination.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs depend on the size of the vehicle:
(for example to the east coast of north america: 43 €)

Length x Width x Height = Volume

6,10 m x 2,30 m x 2,85 m = 40,00 m³
Length Width Height Volume
€ 44,00 x 40,00 m³ = € 1.760
Shipping Rate Volume Shipping Costs

In addition, there are port fees and a fuel surcharge.

Please send us the measurements of your vehicle (by e-mail / fax), we will send you an estimate of the shipping costs.


Freight reservation should be made about two months before your scheduled departure. Short-term reservations up to a week before a vessels departure are possible as well.
Cancellations and rebooking will be done free of charge.


You will receive detailed information from us about the ports with road maps showing position of airports, port, broker, campgrounds, supermarkets, and gas propane refilling stations.

Vehicle Import

Tourists can import their vehicle for 12 months duty free and without adherence to other U.S. customs regulations. Technical modifications are not necessary.

Visa (for citizens of the EU and Switzerland)

The USA requires a visa only for a tour of more than 90 days.
Canada requires no visa for a six-months stay. Upon return to Europe and renewed entrance to the USA the rules begin anew. Some of our customers have stored their vehicle (left in storage with friends, a campground or motorhome storage) in North America for a short term, left the country for a few weeks and resumed the trip later on.


Traveling with pets to the USA, Canada, and Mexico is not a problem. Required are immunizations for distemper, vaccination certificate, and a veterinarian's "good health" assessment. Quarantine is not necessary.

Propane Gas

We have adapters available for refilling German propane bottles in the USA, Canada and Latin America or to connect American propane bottles to German pressure regulators. Price € 40 plus shipping.


We have a good transformer of 1,500 watts available, which changes the current (115 volt to 230 volt). The transformer works perfectly for air conditioning, hair dryer, coffee machine, etc.


In the 1990s the USA did not always have diesel fuel available. For the last ten years this problem has been alleviated. Practically all gas station in the USA, Canada, and Latin America have diesel of good quality available. Gas prices are about 50% lower than in the countries of the European Union.

Safety of the Vehicles

The shipping companies allow transport of personal items at your own risk. But reports of broken in vehicles and theft are of the past. Seabridge for Motorhomes has made agreements with the shipping companies guaranteeing top security. Thus the motor home can be shipped with full camping equipment. On transatlantic flights luggage is allowed up to 46kg per person.

Meeting of America Veterans

Each September and April former America campers (and those who want to follow) meet for an exchange of information. You will find location and date on our home page "Seabridge Treffen". You will also find information about our motorhome tours. In general 400 to 500 people will participate. Reservations are not necessary.


European car insurance is not valid in the USA. We can arrange for a specially adapted motorhome insurance valid in the USA, Canada and Mexico. When traveling to Mexico another liability insurance payment has to be made at the border.
Besides liability and comprehensive coverage, the insurance also covers damage by non-insured parties, contents of the vehicle, and possible towing costs. See attached table of premiums.
Coverage is possible for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months or longer. There are no lengthy exclusions as in car rental agreements. Vehicles with bath, cooking and sleeping options are considered motor homes.
The premiums depend on the value of the vehicle, the driver's age, and marital status. The driver must have an international driver's license. Insurance can be handled within a few days. Payment by credit card (VISA or Master Card).

Maritime Shipping Insurance

The shipping company cannot be held responsible for damages. We are offering a transportation insurance, which covers all risks in the port and on the vessel. The premium is 0.9%(€ 9 per € 1,000.) of the vehicle's value.

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