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Motorhome Shipping

The bridge over the sea.

Since 1997, SeaBridge shipped more than 5.000 motorhomes to North America or back.

SeattleL.A.HalifaxBaltimoreBrunswickCartagenaPanamaBuenos Aires
Hamburg & AntwerpPort ElizabethPerthBrisbane

The motorhome can be shipped with full camping equipment.

Is it worth it to take your own vehicle?

No rental motorhome can replace the comfort of one's own campervan that has been equipped to one's personal preferences. It's also hard to go along with the idea of paying rent, when one's own vehicle is parked at home. European campers are compact, economical to use and convenient for traveling.

Roll-On / Roll-Off

Roll-On / Roll-Off is considered the safest and least expensive maritime transport. RO/RO vessels will only take rolling cargo that can be driven across a ramp into the ship's interior. Modern car carriers can transport up to 6,000 vehicles up to a height of 6m, width of 9m, length of 30m, and a weight of 300tons.


Freight reservation should be made about between 3 to 4 months before scheduled departure. Short-term reservations up to 2 weeks before a vessels departure are possible as well (to Halifax or to Europe). Motorhomes can be shipped from Hamburg, Bremerhaven or Antwerp. The motorhome can be collected at the destination port 1 or 2 days after the arrival of the ship. You will receive detailed information on the port of entry.

Safety of the Vehicles

The shipping companies allow transport of personal items at your own risk. But reports of broken in vehicles and theft are of the past. Seabridge for Motorhomes has made agreements with the shipping companies guaranteeing top security. Thus the motorhome can be shipped with full camping equipment.

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