Road Insurance

for European motorhomes in the USA and Canada

Road Insurance


Since European car insurance is not valid in North America, American liability insurance must be undertaken in any case. There is a specially designed car insurance for motorhomes. The insurance consists of a package which covers civil liability and non-insured hull damage, motor home contents and possibly resulting towing costs.

Due to the new data protection regulations, we are no longer allowed to mediate road insurance.
You will receive contacts from American road insurance companies with the booking confirmation.


Insurance period

Maturities of 6 or 12 months are possible. The policy can also be extended on the move. There is no automatic contract extension. Extensive exclusions for rental vehicles usually do not exist in this case.

Insurable vehicles

Vehicles with fixed cooking and sleeping place and bathroom/WC are recognised as Motor homes. If your vehicle (for example, Land Rover) is not considered a typical RV, we can examine insurability based on photos of interior & exterior.
This insurance covers only campers & caravan towing vehicles which are not older than 30 years.
Please contact us if your vehicle is older. Also motorcycles and cars can be insured along with a camper/caravan.


The premium amount depends largely on the current value of the vehicle, as well as age and marital status of the applicant – the exact amount of the premium must be separately requested for each vehicle from the insurance provider.
(For price see table below)


Insurance Package


  • Applicants must hold an International driving license.
  • The vehicle can also be driven by relatives or acquaintances.
  • Provision for two drivers is included in the premium. Additional drivers are chargeable extra.
  • Insurance can be obtained within a few business days. Premium payment can only be paid by credit card.
  • For the period of your trip you are normally reimbursed with the proportionate premium by the domestic insurance, whereby the relatively high US insurance premiums shall also account for some compensation. Here, in terms of insurance, novice drivers come under no-claim year scheme. In addition, as a tourist, one is included in a higher risk group for a travel of few thousand kilometres. Americans who want to insure their RV in Europe have to pay significantly more here.

The package includes

  • $500.000 Combined Single Limit For Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • $3.000 Medical Payments (for owner and family members inside the motor home)
  • $5.000 For Replacement of Personal items (certain items, e.g. cameras are limited to $1.000 per item)
  • $10.000 Vacation Liability (permises liability while the motor home is parked)
  • $750 Emergency Expenses (reimbursemet for room and board during accident repair of motor home)
  • Towing Expense (reimbursement for cost of towing the motor home to the nearest qualified repair facility; max $1.500)
  • $1.500 Deductible for Comprehensive and Collision (max. payment is the value of the motor home)



The following premium table is only for orientation purposes. The premium amount for each vehicle must be requested separately from the insurance company (an exact quotation is only possible 3 months before the start of the insurance).

For an example trip of 6 months

Current value US$
6.000 $
17.000 $
18.000 $
19.000 $
20.000 $
30.000 $
45.000 $
50.000 $
100.000 $

Sample costs
1.215 $
1.487 $
1.510 $
1.545 $
1.566 $
1.839 $
2.285 $
2.448 $
3.500 $