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from Europe to North America


Coordination flight / ship

There is one vessel per week, planned always the same day of the week. Delays can happen, so it`s good to plan a buffer. Most customers book your flight several months in advance.

Temporary import

Tourists are allowed to use their motorhome in North America for 12 months without paying any import fees and without any adjustments to technical-regulations. No restrictions for right hand drive vehicles. No Carnet de Passage required.


For an intended stay up to 90 days no visa is required in order to enter the USA. In Canada a stay up to 180 days is possible without visa.

Emergency Service

Experience of our customers shows that some automobile clubs send spare parts to its overseas members. Fiat Ducato & Ford Transit have existed in USA, Canada & Mexico for several years. Motorhomes in the USA are based on Mercedes Sprinter and Fiat Ducato (Chrysler Dodge) chassis.

Mobile phones & Internet

Mobile and smartphones work all over the country. It makes sense to buy a local SIM card.
Almost all campsites, fast food restaurants, etc. offer their customers free Wi-Fi.

Road insurance

We can offer a special motorhome insurance for the USA and Canada for vehicles up to 30 years.


Domestic animals are accepted almost everywhere in the USA, Canada and Mexico, even in national parks. No quarantine is necessary.


Nowadays you can find Diesel everywhere in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Prices are almost half of the ones in Europe. Adblue has been around for many years

Propane gas and electricity

We can supply you with the necessary gas-adapters.

Shipping can already pay off for a 4 week trip.


Calculation of shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated according to the maximum dimensions of the vehicle:

Length x Width x Height = Volume

Each centimeter counts. If the dimensions have been altered the price may be affected. The freight rate is € 68,00 per m³ to the east coast (Halifax / Baltimore) and $ 109,00 per m³ + $ 7,20 per m³  Panama-canal-crossing to the west coast (Los Angeles / Seattle).

What does my motorhome shipping cost?

We can determine the final costs if we know the dimensions of your motorhome and your selected destination, regardless of the direction.

You can enter all the necessary information in our online form. We will provide you with the costs including all fees for your individual motorhome shipping.

free and non-binding

Example calculation

For a motorhome with sample dimensions.





6,10 m

2,30 m

2,85 m

40,00 m³

Freight Rate


Freight Costs

68,00 €

40,00 m³

2.720 €

Additional fees & charges

Port fees and terminal handling charge are about € 400,00

A fuel surcharge could added and adjusted according to the current oil price

All rates and fees can change until departure date. Freight rate normally changes once a year and the fuel price mostlikely each quarter.

You can find all the exact charges incurred in our shipping quotation for your individual motorhome shipping.

from / to Halifax & Baltimore
Travel with your motorhome

Travel with your motorhome on the same Ro/Ro vessel

You can accompany your vehicle and travel on board the same vessel. This saves flight costs and the way from the port back home.

Pets like dogs are not allowed on freighter ships.

In addition to the cabin price per person, the normal freight costs + port charges for the vehicle are added.

In some ports shore leave is possible. Sailing time from Hamburg, Antwerp or Liverpool is 2 weeks to Halifax, Canada or 2.5 weeks to Baltimore, USA


The accommodation takes place in outside cabins with shower / WC and costs (prices from 2020)

€ 937 per person to Halifax, in a double outside cabin

€ 1.225 per person to Baltimore, in a double outside cabin

There are also more comfortable owner cabins (outside cabin with 2 rooms (living room & bedroom) with shower / WC).

€ 1.625 per person to Halifax, in a double owners cabin

€ 1.875 per person to Baltimore, in a double owners cabin

The price includes the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


This type of travelling is in great demand. As there are only about 5-6 cabins available per vessel, cabins for departures in April and May are often fully booked many months in advance.

A reservation should be done early.

Due to corona the shipping company do currently do not take any passengers, so you need to fly.

from North America to Europe



Again, the ships depart from Baltimore & Halifax on a weekly basis and reach Europe as per schedule. The reservation should be done 1-2 months in advance (via email). Even short-term bookings are possible if necessary.

Freight Rate

For the return shipment the present freight rate is € 57,00 per m³ from the east coast (Halifax /Baltimore) to Europe and $ 109,00 per m³ +$ 7,20 per m³ Panama-Canal-Crossing from the west coast (Los Angeles / Seattle).


For a voyage from North America (Halifax & Baltimore) to Europe, the same prices and conditions apply.

Cabins in this direction are in great demand in September & October. A reservation should be done early.

Due to corona the shipping company do currently do not take any passengers, so you need to fly.

incl. baggage/content

Marine Insurance

Vehicle Value up to €50.000

For €300 we can offer you a marine insurance for a current vehicle value of up to €50,000, including baggage/content up to €2,500.

Higher Vehicle Value

An upgrade to a higher vehicle value is possible (eg. €100.000 for €425).

good to know

More Information

Road insurance in North America

You can find information on road insurance for european motorhomes in the USA and Canada on our insurance page.

Motorhome Shipping Video

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